Wednesday, May 20, 2015

6 Amazing New Picture Books

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Genre: Everyone loves a good picture book
Authors: A-Z

I am being a bit vague but we have a stack of new picture books and they are awesome. Our Year 13's are loving them.
The Farmer and the Clown: by Marla Frazee- this book has no words but it still made me sigh! I wanted the old man to have a friend!
Mr Tiger goes Wild: by Peter Brown, it is about being happy with who you are not what others determine you should be through the eyes of Mr Tiger.
A Book: by Mordicai Gerstein- this is a great story about a girl who wants to write her book but cant decide what her story is going to be..
Wall: By Tom Clohosy Cole- It is about the Berlin wall and  a family split by it and their courageous journey to reunite. The illustrations are haunting..
Art- Seen Art? : By Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith-  This is a book about a boy called Art who gets lost in the New York Museum of Modern Art, of course it has all the master pieces as part of the story.
Gaston: By Kelly Dipucchio- This is a book about two dogs swapped at puppy birth, and how they felt different but loved in the families they found themselves in.

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