Thursday, May 14, 2015

Robot Overlords

By: Mark Stay
Location: FIC STA
Genre: SCI FI


Three years ago, Earth was conquered by a force of robots from a distant world. They have one rule: STAY IN YOUR HOMES.

Step outside and you get one warning before you are vaporized by a massive robot Sentry, or a crawling Sniper or a Flying Drone. That's if the vast Cube doesn't incinerate you first!
but Sean Flynn is convinced that his father-an RAF pilot who fought in the war- is alive. And when he and his gang figure out a way to break the robots' curfew they begin an adventure that will pit them against the might of the ROBOT OVERLORDS.

Heroes up against loads of scary robots and a truly nasty collaborator, there is plenty of action in a fast-paced, thrill-filled story. Great fun to read. 

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