Friday, May 15, 2015

Soul Print

By: Megan Miranda
Location: FIC MIR
Genre : Sci Fi

How can you identify your soul? Do we have a soul print?

‘Most souls are free of their pasts. Of their crimes and transgressions, their love and hate. Because a soul has no memory, and that’s a scientific fact.

Still, most people agree it’s better not to find out who you once were. And if you do find out, it’s best to keep that knowledge to yourself. Because while the soul has no memory, the world does, and that is usually enough...

The last review is everything I love about a book- but this one is probably not, I am not into the whole reincarnation thing- it feels a cop out to me, a place off second chances if you don't grab the first chance you've got with credibility.  

Can you be punished for something your soul did a lifetime ago? Apparently, you can. Alina has been locked up ever since she was a little kid for crimes she did not commit - at least not in this life. But because it's common knowledge that some character traits are tied to one's soul it's a precaution to keep Alina and those around her safe...or so they say. When the opportunity to escape arises, Alina doesn't think twice about it. But will she find what she's looking for?

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