Monday, May 25, 2015

All Blackography; The indispensable guide to every All Black

B Ron Palenski
Location: NF 796.33 PAL
Genre: The All Blacks!

I went to the movie called "The Ground We Won" in the weekend about the Reperoa Rugby Club and it players. We have a current All Black from Reperoa- Sam Cane! I wonder what he thinks of the movie and I wonder if the rugby population of NZ is proud to be painted in the way this docomovie paints them. I wonder if our All Blacks past and present know and understand the culture of the country rugby changing sheds, and bus ride home- or has professionalism rescued them from it! This movie has made me wonder a lot of things. But in the midst of all that- we have produced a team of unequaled legacy- The All Blacks!
Know everything there is to know about all 1,130 All Blacks—past and current members of the New Zealand team that is current holder of the Rugby World Cup.

From the very first player, James Allan in 1884, to the most recent crop selected for the All Blacks , this is an indispensable guide to every All Black. A headshot of every player, many in full color, is accompanied by a short biography, including all playing statistics. This is the most comprehensive book on the 1,130 players to have represented New Zealand in rugby ever published.

This book has one of our very own CHS teachers in it, yes we have an All Black on our staff! See if you can find him!

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