Monday, May 18, 2015

BOY NOBODY- The entire series

By: Allen Zadoff
Location: FIC ZAD- I know it is hard to find the 'Z' books but just do it!!!
Genre: If you love the 'Gone " series, this is for you. ( Or Cherub or James Patterson...)
Series: Unknown Assassin

Eventually people stop looking at me, stop meeting my eye.
There is nothing to meet.
There is nobody here.

 Boy Nobody  is a trained assassin. Abducted as a pre-teen, he is singled out by The Program for special training. He is to consider himself a patriot, serving his country’s best interests. The training he receives is very practical for an assassin. He demonstrates a mastery of relational psychology as well as using covert violence in order to accomplish a mission. 

At the beginning of this book, he’s sixteen years old. This makes the anonymity of the character rather chilling, considering how efficient he is at his job in the very first scene.

But it is the second mission we witness as readers that shows us his true character. Getting sprinklings of clues about his real life, he is still largely an Invisible Man to the reader except in how he chooses to respond to the situations he confronts. His latest mission gives him quite a quandary: his target is the beautiful and elusive Samara, daughter of the local mayor...

Books have multiple names depending on country: This is very confusing and in a world of universal information not helpful. But because it will be very popular to the library I now have three copies of the first book:) DOH!!! Maybe it was just a cunning marketing plan!

Book 1: I Am the Weapon | Boy Nobody | The Hit
Book 2: I Am the Mission | The Lost Mission | The Mission | Fearless
Book 3: I Am the Traitor | The Trait

“Death is a tool I use for my work. It’s not something I do lightly.”

“I feel cold, I feel hungry, I feel the fabric of a new shirt rubbing against my skin, and I feel gravel beneath my feet. But those are sensations, not feelings. I had feelings once.

And would you know it- it is becoming a movie. READ THE BOOKS FIRST!!!!!

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