Thursday, May 28, 2015

Smoothies and Juices

By: Terry Jeavons
Location:  NF 641 JEA
Genre: Smoothies for my new blender

I got a George Foreman blender for Christmas and I have had so much fun chucking lots of different fruits in it, pressing the button and drinking what comes out. I have had a few disasters like the mint, cucumber and kale smoothie- I got diarrhea after that one!
But I have designed some culinary masterpieces. Best tip- freeze your banana's and chuck them in the blender frozen- oh so creamy, add your feijoa's and throw in some coconut water and natural yogurt- delishimo!!!
This book is going to give me a whole lot more ideas to play with and tonight is the night I am going to explore other combinations. Can I use Manderines from our tree I wonder? How about some limes...

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