Friday, May 15, 2015

The Crimson Ribbon

By: Katherine Clements
Location: FIC CLE
Genre: Historical Fictionn

While based on real people and events from the past this is a work of fiction. Oliver Cromwell, Elizabeth Poole- what a fascinating lady, Witch Hunters, Religious Zealots, Civil Wars and Politics. It even has a bit of f/f friendship - this book is a cocktail of all that I love!

Opening line:
‘Sometimes death comes like an arrow, sudden and swift, an unforseen shot from an unheeded bow.

THE CRIMSON RIBBON is set in England in 1646, in the midst of the English Civil War. Oliver Cromwell leads the army of the people against a tyrannical king, witches are hunted down, the skies are full of evil portents. A young woman named Ruth Flowers is on the run, trying to find a safe place for herself. She is helped by an enigmatic young soldier named Joseph, but – bruised by the encounter - takes refuge in the house of an extraordinary young woman named Elizabeth Poole. Her beauty and kindness ensnare Ruth, and she uses an old charm to tie herself to her new mistress. But Elizabeth is as troubled as she is charismatic, and – as the King of England finds himself imprisoned and on trial for his life - Ruth finds herself drawn into danger, intrigue, witchcraft, and treason. 
When Elizabeth claims to be receiving messages from God urging Oliver Cromwell to spare the life of Charles I, she becomes caught up in a dangerous game of politics which may prove fatal for both her and Ruth. 

I found myself utterly unable to put this book down, constantly surprised, and constantly rewarded. This is an astonishingly assured debut title from Katherine Clements, and I’m really hoping she has more stories like this one up her sleeve! 
Kate Forsyth-

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