Friday, May 1, 2015

Noodles for Nepal

 As most of you know I am very intentional about this blog being solely about books but occasionally I am driven to bust that. Today is one of those days.
This family lived in the Lang Tang Valley of Nepal. One of our students families sponsored the little girl in the photo. Her name is Checka.
This family is all presumed dead.
My fear- we have so much in our world that hurts, so much destruction, so many people who are in zones of helpless dis-empowerment due to nature and war. My fear- is that we become intentionally distant to it.
We forget that a mother hugs a son and a man holds his daughter, that he works hard as a guide to make sure his family can eat, be educated and clothed. We forget that this family hosts guests from around the world and cares for them when they are sick and calls them friends. We forget that they Facebook and email friends  across the mountainous valleys of Nepal into the  lounges of the Waikato.
We forget that this is a family that loves, laughs, plays games,  or it was- until last week.
Now it is time to remember. Remember that many families who hugged and loved, played and ate, sang and worked are now decimated and shattered.


That is the number. 5400 who have perished in Nepal.
So we are going to be intentional to remember and help. On Monday 13th May and Tuesday 14th of May we are selling noodles outside the library. Noodles for Nepal.
All money will be gifted to Jaz and her family to give to the orphanage that she visited and that Jaz painted the walls in Disney characters for the kids. This orphanage is busted- it has no external wall, but thankfully all the kids are safe- we can help and we will.
Because we chose to remember not the number 5400, we chose to remember a mother who hugged her son!

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