Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Author: Jane Shemilt
Location: FIC SHE
Genre: Family Drama

I have a daughter, she is wonderful, I am so proud of her. As I read the blurb on this book, I felt a real sense of panic- what if... what if my daughter did not come home one night after the school production when she was 15? It is unthinkable, and if you really go there- harrowing.

Jenny thinks she has it all, perfect husband, perfect children and the perfect job. That is until their 15 year old daughter Naomi goes missing. As the days roll into weeks, then months, secrets about her family will surface that shocks Jenny to the very core of her being. She will question everything she knew about her loved ones, has she really been blind to her family and what has been going on below the surface with them? What ever the case Jenny's once perfect life has changed forever.
Daughter is a haunting tale of guilt, betrayal, truth and family prompting the reader to consider how well we really know the ones we love most.

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