Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest

By: Melanie Dickerson
Location: FIC FIC
Genre: Robin Hood- retold, with a bit of  Swan Lake.

I like Robin Hood, I like the idea of making sure everyone has enough to eat and those with much sharing it with those that have little, it is sadly a shame ol Robin and in this story Odette have to steal to make that happen though- this begs the question is stealing from the rich and giving to the poor the right thing to do?

In this "Swan Lake meet Robin Hood" story,  Odette is the notorious poacher of Thornbeck Forest and her intentions are to help and feed the poor. Though she does know that poaching is against the law, she longs to help people in need, as she once was one. Though she lives with her rich Uncle Rutger, she still has chosen to help the ones in need. But then a handsome forester comes into play and his is name is Jorgen Hartman. Jorgen's job is to protect the wildlife in the king's forest, even if that means he must catch/shoot (with a bow an arrow) a poacher. Odette meets Jorgen and there is an instant spark which leads to them to fall in love with one another. Funny thing is, Jorgen has no idea that Odette is the poacher. As the story goes on, much more happens. There are moments when Odette questions her choices of poaching as she becomes tired of it and turns to God to help her. But she knows that it is helping the poor families who have no food. Or is it? 

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  1. OMG!! I read this book last term I think? And it was absolutely AWESOME!! Melanie Dickerson is one my the best authors of all time!! She weaves her stories together so that the characters intertwine and each appears in a couple of her books. Anyone who is a massive fan of fairy tale retellings should read The Huntress of Thornbeck Forest. It is AWESOME!!