Monday, May 4, 2015

The Travel Book - Lonely Planet

By: Lonely Planet
Genre: Travel
Location: NF 910.2 DUB


 Inside, every country, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe has one page in this book. Every page includes some basic facts, including the flag, the population, the language spoken, the currency and its area in square miles and kilometers. 
But it also has weird and wonderful information.
So lets check out a few  I will visit this year and see what pops up...
Tanzania:- I know about Jambo, and I know about Kanga's and I know about the Ngorogoro crater but I did not know it had the shortest war in all history that lasted   hour and that the earliest  human footprints  were discovered here.  Thats QI!
India: - I know about the Taj Mahal, and I know how to say Namaste and I know India has over  billion people- but I did not know that they invented buttons, ovens, pyjama's, hospitals, and shampoo. Or that India has the wettest place on earth.
Ok one more.. this is fun...
New Zealand:-  Ok I know all about my own country... or do I? I did not know it has  365 earthquakes a year- one for every day! I did  not know there is 12 sheep to every person- that is a lot of mint. 
Cant resist this one- Vanuatu had Cannibal Kitchens- last one eaten was in 1969, hmm I would of been young and tasty then! They were cooked on hot stones with vegetables for a balanced diet! But we can forgive them because Vanuatu is the home of Nemo! 

 This book is fun!!

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