Monday, March 25, 2013

A Survival Guide for Life

By: Bear Grylls
Location NF 616.85 GRY
Genre: The answers to the questions, motivations for the weary and a guide to help your thrive in adversity.

 This book by Bear Grylls probably should be read immediately after any book by Ellen Hopkins that I have just reviewed. It is a series of writings that challenge you to stand and not sit in your pool of misery, to survive  obstacles, to motivate you to carry on and succeed. It challenges preconceptions like money determines how successful you are rather  that being rich is about more about how we live, how we invest in others.
I love this book, I love that it reflects so many of my own thoughts, that serving others, being generous, letting others shine, and laughing, even in the the face of adversity is so succinctly and blatantly described.
If we had a world where people outlived the principals in this book, we would no longer read in a Saturday paper that we are bereft of civic citizenship, instead our communities would be humming with a gentle brilliance, caring, rewarding, energised  and safe. Go Bear- sock it to us!!

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