Monday, March 25, 2013

Crank Trilogy

By: Ellen Hopkins
Location:FIC HOP
Genre: Real hard to read stuff about real hard stuff.

I just had a good look through Burned. Was suppossed to take a few minutes- 40 minutes latter and I am feeling angry, I am feeling frustrated, I am feeling desperate to change the plot. I got these books from a recommendation through another librarian who reckons these books are so popular in her school, they are never on the shelf. I can see why! In poetry form, they tell a story of the issues our girls face, of family expectations, drug use, love, sexual choices, relationships and consequences of the choices they make. It is written tastefully, reflectively and totally realistically. In some ways they are like a conversation with a teenager who is revelling in who-ness and figuring out their why-ness. In many ways they can be the some of  stories you  hear everyday in our school.

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