Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Freaks Like Us and Colin Fischer

 Freaks Like Us  by Susan Yaught
 Colin Fischer  by Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.

Location - FIC YAU and FIC MIL
Genre: Mental Health- Youth Fiction.

Why is it that we pick on the disabled, we blame them for who they are not, we select them as being capable of things they are not, we judge the boy in the wheelchair as incapable, when he is smart and we blame them for murder when maybe they are innocent- if anyone will listen to them!

Both these novels address the issues of disability. Freaks Like Us is about Schizophrenia and Colin Fischer is about Asperger Syndrome. One is accused of doing crimes he did not commit, both work to defend themselves or someone else. One likes silence, the other hears many voices, but both need to work to figure out situations that confuse them. One likes being alone, the other has multiple companions, both need friends. One has too determine his innocence, the other someone elses. In both books we learn about how people cope with mental illness, one of these books does it with humour, the other is raw. My advice- read, learn and understand!!!

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