Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Edge of Nowhere

By: Elizabeth George
Location: FIC GEO
Genre: Mystery

Amy Lignor from Goodreads describes this book for us:

In her first foray into YA fiction, Ms. George (a beloved adult suspense novelist) has hit the nail on the proverbial head with this action-packed, mysterious and somewhat ‘creepy’ novel.

Hannah Armstrong is a fourteen-year-old girl living with her mom and stepfather in San Diego. Unlike normal teens, Hannah has a gift; she can hear other people’s thoughts. In fact, Hannah has to wear a special listening device which produces static just so she can find some peace. What she didn’t expect was to have to go on the run when one person’s criminal thoughts hit her square between the ears.

As the ‘whispers’ grow and backgrounds are revealed, Becca becomes caught in a web of lies. But it’s when she aids a young man she’s been falling for, that Becca finds herself stuck in a mess that has the local sheriff delving into her true identity.

The writing is superb from Ms. George, as always, but even though there are slight paranormal ‘happenings’ in this book, it’s the combination of great characters and relationships that truly have this novel raising the bar when it comes to today’s YA fiction

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