Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Scorched Earth

By: Robert Muchamore
Location: FIC MUC
Genre: War
Series: Henderson Boys

I love this series, it is history, with a bit of cherub, with a bit of cold reality in a arena of tough stuff called war. And when all said and done- kids played a huge part in this war, it is nice to hear their story. I spoke to an old Dutch man a few years back, and asked him a some questions- he could be a Henderson Boy- and his story was real!!! He was in the Dutch resisitance at 10 years of age, locating downed planes and passing messages through the basket on his bike. In Nazi eyes he did not exist..oh but he did!!!!

Summer 1944
The tide of war has turned against the Nazis, but desperation has made them more brutal than ever.

Henderson's Boys final mission will be there most dangerous. With food and weapons in short supply, survival is the biggest challenge of all.
For official reasons these children do not exist.

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