Monday, March 18, 2013

Reckless and Fearless

By: Cornelai Funke
Genre: Fantasy
Location: FIC FUN

The writer of INKHEART has written another series. This time she does the fairystories on the dark side.  It has a bit of C S Lewis, two brothers who enter another word in it, it has a bit of Grimm, a bit of Lewis Carroll, a bit of George MacDonald and it comes together to become Funke.
Lydia of Goodreads describes it his way..
The modern idea of taking timeless fairy tales and "revealing" their true, much darker, origins is an idea Funke plays out in this novel where a young man named Jacob runs from the pain of his youth, through a looking glass, and chooses to face his fears in another, much more magical world. For yeas he dances back and forth between the two, becoming more drawn and entangled with the fantasy world than that of which he was born.

Then, one day, his younger, gentler and vulnerable brother follows him through, and disaster strikes. Jacob, a now calamity-hardened treasure hunter, along with his vixen Fox (a woman who shape shifts), must risk everything to find a way to save his brother's life. This means dealing with an oft-deceitful dwarf, a conniving empress, blood thirsty unicorns, and the supremely powerful trickery of waring fairy sisters

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