Friday, March 22, 2013

Cry the Beloved Country

By: Alan Paton
Genre: Historical Drama
Location: Fic Pat

Last year a student took this book out and never returned it- as much as it annoys me I understand why. Everyone should own this book! I studied it at school, and it made me study myself, it planted a seed, a searing angst about injustice, a hatred against racism and legalised discrimination. It set in me a passion to know about South Africa and its story. As a kiwi girl growing up in rural conservative Canterbury, this story, these people, and the actions that determined the outcomes that no-one can predict or fathom, were beyond even the minimal imagination I could give them. All I could believe in was the power of love and the heart of redemption, this too rises high as the novel unfolds.
So no wonder I went to this nation, no wonder I have heard the stories face to face, hugged the babies, seen the desolate young men, watched the ongoing scars of the regime that cut the wounds.
I have cried over this beloved country, and it deserves my tears. They started when I read this book at 15, and have continued to this day!

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