Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dark Inside

By: Jeyn Roberts
Location: FIC ROB
Genre:  Survival

 David Abbruzzi from Goodreads describes this book for us.
Soon, in the near future, earthquakes, tsunami’s, chaos. Four lives in the balance: Mason, Aries, Michael, Clementine. Each one has a story of survival, not just from nature, but from evil itself. Evil possesses the form of everyone they now meet. No one can be trusted. They’ve all lost someone they care about, they all have felt pain. The evil was here all along, but finally the earth had enough and the killing began right after the earthquakes ended. No one is safe anymore; no one can sleep in peace anymore. Each life struggles to survive, each life is separate, but in the end all of their paths merge together. One of them is suspect, yet even they don’t realize the potential evil in the back of their mind; they walk the fence between good and evil and one slip will unite them with the hordes of killers that roam the street looking for fresh blood. This isn’t a story about zombies; it is a story of evil taking over the thought processes of nearly everyone in the world making them all killers; a potentially deadly disease that no one can escape. Who will survive, who can survive? This is the best book I've read in a year and I've read many books.

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