Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Three Strong Women

By: Marie NDiaye
Location: Fic Ndi
Genre: Drama

In my time overseas I have met some amazing women, courageous, determined and relentless. They will not bow down to the circumstantial tides that seek to wave over them- they will doggy paddle out of those, with all the strength and fightness they can muster. Hazel Zinja- my girl- you are one and I love you for it. Here are three others!!!

RandomHouse reviews this book for us:

This is the story of three women who say no: Norah, a French-born lawyer who finds herself in Senegal, summoned by her estranged, tyrannical father to save another victim of his paternity; Fanta, who leaves a modest but contented life as a teacher in Dakar to follow her white boyfriend back to France, where his delusional depression and sense of failure poison everything; and Khady, a penniless widow put out by her husband’s family with nothing but the name of a distant cousin (the aforementioned Fanta) who lives in France, a place Khady can scarcely conceive of but toward which she must now take desperate flight.

With lyrical intensity, Marie NDiaye masterfully evokes the relentless denial of dignity, to say nothing of happiness, in these lives caught between Africa and Europe. We see with stunning emotional exactitude how ordinary women discover unimagined reserves of strength, even as their humanity is chipped away. Three Strong Women admits us to an immigrant experience rarely if ever examined in fiction, but even more into the depths of the suffering heart.

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