Friday, June 1, 2012

Ancient Rome :The Rise And Fall Of An Empire

Location: DVD- come and ask!
Genre: Historical Drama

I have spent a few evenings watching this DVD Doco and loved it. I had my Notebook open and was busy Googling a stack of information as the DVD told  6 major stories of the Roman Empire. Was Nero crazy? Who built the Colosseum? How much of the world did they control and was there politics fair and good? The biggest question of all though had to be- how accurate is Asterix! Did the Romans have the shields like a turtle, was there Gauls, and could the Roman Army actually manage to  not have control over every area of its empire? These DVD's are brilliantly done, answer your questions, make you really curious and I just wish I had seen them before I went to Rome. make sure you do!
"Factually accurate and based on extensive historical research, the series portrays Roman life as it really was – gritty, sordid and magnificent." Review by www.

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