Thursday, June 21, 2012

Emperors of Rome

By: David Potter
Genre: Non Fiction
Location: NF 937.06

So having watching the Rise and Fall of Rome DVD's collection  I am now in the hunt  for Rome knowledge. Why did the emperors think they were gods, when some of them were down right crazy? What was Nero's problem, why was he such a fruit cake? Why did Rome insist on feeding their pet lions - Christan's- why were they such a threat anyway? Is Asterix true- do all Romans have big noses and funny shoes? Was emperorhood earned or inherited? I had the DVD going and my lap top googling non stop all my curiosities. Now- I have this book, that just happened to find its way into the library collection. Funny that. AND- the series you guys are loving- Captain of Rome, Ship of Rome etc- you can now get this book out to give your novel context.!!
Why- because this book has all the answers, it is fantastically arranged, has great photos and graphs, maps and fact boxes. I like it!!!

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