Friday, June 22, 2012


Location: Delhi
By: Me and Alex Thomas
Genre: Educational aid and a bit of looking around.

Over the next three weeks I will be in India working with these wonderful children and their teachers.  We will be running training programmes to upskill the teachers who have never had the opportunity to have any formal training as a teacher. These schools are based either in the slums of sprawling urban area's or remote mountain villages. For them to come together, to access free upskilling, to learn , to laugh and to understand what being an educationalist is- is a treasure to them and a great humbling honour for us. Yes we will see the Taj, but more than that we will see Indian teachers smile and be better equipped to teach these very kids in the photo's.
So no blogging from me for a few weeks, unless I get to a computer in India. To my followers- please come back and join me -July 16th will be my return blog. In the mean time my trusty assistant Sharmion is going to try and keep it alive- be nice to her, she is a great workmate.

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