Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The nature of Ash

By: Mandy Hager
Location: FIC HAG
Genre: Youth Thriller Dystopia

From the blurb   "The nature of Ash is a fast paced thriller that explores love and loss, assumptions and prejudices, truth and fiction and the many 'faces' of a family."

Ash McCarthy thought he finally had it made: away from home and all its claustrophobic responsibilities, he’s revelling in the freedom of student hostel life. But life is about to take a devastating turn, when two police officers knock on his door. Their life-changing news forces him to return home to his Down Syndrome brother Mikey, and impels him into a shady world of political intrigue, corruption, terrorism and lies . . . so many lies. As if this isn’t bad enough, the whole country is imploding, as the world’s two greatest super-powers start a fight that leaves New Zealand ‘piggy-in-the-middle’ of their deadly games. While trying to protect Mikey, along with strangers Travis and Jiao, his fight to uncover the truth turns into a nightmare race to save their lives and stop the destruction of all the principles he holds dear.

This is a thriller, set in New Zealand, it is future New Zealand- it is action packed and unpredictable. In a blog I follow called "Best friends are books" the writer states "In my opinion, Ash is one of the most authentic male teen characters in New Zealand fiction."
Ash is a young man I want to get to know!

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