Thursday, June 14, 2012

Telling Lies

By: Tricia Glensor
Location: FIC GLE
Genre: War Story

My mum told me never to tell lies. But would I if a greater need than the truth presented itself?  Is lying OK to save a life.. that is what 15 year old Simone and her family must do, to save a New Zealand airman who has parachuted into German occupied France. They must weave a web of lies as they hide, then try and smuggle to safety this pilot from New Zealand. It is based on the authors father and his experience in France in WWII as he was rescued by a farming family.
Maybe in many ways it is the story  told of the untold story for so many of our Grandfathers, to me it is a good thing that as our heroes reach their final years, there stories are being told, whether they are fictionalised or biographical does not matter, what does matter is that we know.
The last line of this book is a classic, and it speaks of the heart and thanks that so many soldiers have toward those  ordinary people in occupied territories that risked there lives to save others.

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