Friday, June 8, 2012

The Ancient Olympic Games

By: Judith Swaddling
Location:  NF 796.48 SAW

I have been to Olympia- best memory- eating fish by the local village close by- it was very yummy. Worst thought- the men all did the Olympics naked and woman could not attend. They may not have wanted to- come to think of it.  Worst moment- getting woken at 5.00am by a man calling the locals to prayer. Bucket List Moment- running across the finish line of the Ancient Olympic running track. Cheap Skate moment- attaching ourselves to the back of a tour party to hear all the information- could not really hear that much. Wish I had this book- would of solved the problems. Oh and the funniest moment- watching Peter get a haircut by a nervous shaky barber with twitching fingers at Olympia train station. I just wish I had known lots more about Olympia, its stories, its meanings- so I am going to read this many years later and find out all about what I saw then.

"  This book conveys what these athletes must have felt as they competed in the environs of Olympia and the monumental temple and the statue of Zeus"  History Today
"For a straightforward exposition of the detail of the Olympics it would be difficult to better this book." Literary review.

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