Friday, June 8, 2012

Saving June

By: Hannah Harrington
Location: FIC HAR
Genre: Love, Family and Loss

Suicide- your sisters. How would you deal with that? How did Harper Scott deal with it, when June her sister took her own life?  She was devastated- and then her parents divorce- so what happens to Junes ashes- they decided to be fair- and split them. Harper was not going to let this happen- so she steals the urn and takes of to where June always wanted to go- California.
Then Jake Tolan wants to come- he believes in the power of music to bring healing, he is charming and infuriating... and he has a secret. One that will turn Harper's life upside down again. Seems to me to be a great book for a rainy Saturday, bit of pain, bit of laughter, bit of reality and music! Might need to snuggle under the duvet in the sad bits!
" Tender, funny and moving" Courtney Summers.

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