Friday, June 1, 2012

Someone Else's Garden

By: Dipeka Rai
Location: FIC DIP
Genre: Cultural perspective

"Riveting. Fills the readers with rage and despair and finds in the end a message of love and hope" Daily Mail

India- yes, I am going there in 24 days, and I know that I will experience those emotions- rage and despair that there is a caste system that stops people from being literate, that stops people from bettering themselves, that stops woman from being free to have choices, that stops children from reaching for the stars. I will rage when I see  maimed beggars in the street, children in shacks that leak, kids wandering the streets in school time. Yet I will rejoice when I go into the schools I will visit and see those kids who would never have access to education getting the best the schooling in there village.
Mamta in this story is one such girl, inflicted upon her is a culture that gives her no choices, she is low- caste- bought up in poverty. Does Mamta have any power to alter that which other nameless, faceless young woman cannot?
Will this story end up making you feel rage, or hope?

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