Thursday, June 7, 2012


By: Hugh Brown
location: FIC BRO
Genre: Coming of age- Youth fiction
Winner of the Tessa Duder Award for Young Adult Fiction.

Kate De Goldi " A riot of home, school and early love.. a remarkable debut novel"

I guess this is a book the boys are going to like- because it mentions ear wax!!!

See this nail?’ Will nodded. ‘I keep it specially long’ - Perky stuck it into his ear and probed delicately - ‘for cleaning small orifices.’ He removed it, now golden with wax, and rolled the haul into a ball. He held it up between thumb and forefinger a moment. ‘A minuscule sun, a tiny luteous orb.’ He left it balanced on the pad of his thumb. Will grinned. ‘Behold! The great god Perky, plucking new solar systems from his ears.’ Perky gave Will an appraising look. ‘And behold Will the bookworm, whose pupation is near its end.’

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