Monday, June 18, 2012

Fight to win; Deadly skills of the elite forces.

By: Chris Ryan
Location: NF 365 RYA
Genre: SAS -War

Chris Ryan is the author that hooked my son into reading- forever grateful to him for that.
Chris Ryan is also an ex SAS soldier. He spent 10 years in one of the best elite forces in the world. He survived Desert Storm, and was the only one of an eight team to escape from Iraq, three others were killed and four imprisoned. It was the longest escape and evasion in SAS history.  He now works as a body guard. In his spare time he writes books- some of them fiction based on his experiences and others like this- all based on fact about the SAS. I know what will happen to this book- you will pick it up and leave it lying around the library, well looked at, well read- and for some of you - it may even help you decide a career path- or not!

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