Monday, June 18, 2012

Anila's Journey

By: Mary Finn
Location: FIC FIN
Genre: Historical Novel- India

" I loved this beautiful story set in eighteenth century India, with all its sights, sounds and smells" Jamila Gaivin

Yes- India- In a week I will be flying there myself, reconnecting with those sights, sounds and smells. Some of them nice, some of them riveting, some of them terrifying, some of them exquisite, some of them painful. India is a movie set that is not choreographed , it just is.

Set in colonial India, this richly layered coming-of-age tale follows a spirited young artist on a journey up the Ganges — and through the enigmas of her past.

How can Anila Tandy, left to fend for herself after her mother's death, dare to apply for a job that is clearly not meant for a woman? But somehow the "Bird Girl of Calcutta," art supplies in hand, finds herself on an eye-opening journey up the Ganges, apprenticed to a gentleman scientist. As the lush landscape slips by, Anila dives into her past — a past where her beautiful Bengali mother still tells stories and her Irish father's mysterious disappearance lingers. Gorgeously written and rich with atmosphere, Mary Finn's debut novel tells the story of a determined young artist who must make her way in the dangerous world of late-eighteenth-century India.

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