Friday, June 1, 2012

Holiday weekend in New Zealand

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Genre: Relaxing

So we in New Zealand get a long weekend to celebrate the Queens Birthday, even though that was in April. The Brits are celebrating Elizabeth II being on the throne for 60 years, I heard today she actually has 9 thrones- I wonder does that count the toilets in Buckingham Palace?
So no blogging from me on Monday- I will be going on a run, having a COFFEE with my daughter and hopefully reading a couple of good books. I will read "Notes from the midnight driver" and also finish off- "Beyond the beautiful forever's". I have blogged about both- it will be a nice diet of a bit of fun, and a real read about India. I will then wrap around that a  few good DVD's- Muppets to make me smile and BBC's Ganges, because I am going to India soon and want to know more. I will also catch a good rugby game and hope my Crusaders win, but go the Chiefs as well.
But the greatest thing I will do is sit on the deck, outside, eating my home grown mandarins, enjoying the sun and my family! Hope you all enjoy your weekends as well.

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