Tuesday, June 12, 2012


By: Philippa Gregory
Location: FIC GRE
Genre: Historical Fiction

I love historical fiction- it is one of my fav genre's. I think my History teacher in Yr 12- 13 is to blame by making history come alive as a story. That makes him a great teacher and me a sucker for long historical saga's. I loved London by Rutherford and Leon Uris was the author that cost me all my pocket money when I was a teenager and made me go to Israel. Now we have Philippa Gregory - the writer who has made English history come alive, the passion of the Tudors, the games of the dukes and now in this story- the monasteries of the 1400's. It is written for the youth fiction market- it has dark magic, were wolves and  madness and Christendom. Yep- my weekend read under the warm duvet I think!
Check out the YouTube trailer as well!

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