Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WAR- stories of conflict

By: Michael Morpurgo
Location: FIC MOR
Genre: War

War- I became a pacifist when I read a book called "Up the Blue" about a young kiwi man who fought in WWII in Africa and Italy. It was a true story, honest, gut wrenching and powerful. I decided I never wanted my sons to ever experience the horrors of war. Then I read Private Peaceful also by Morpurgo  over the summer- it is a stunning little book- just to reinforce my view of the powerlesness of war. Oxymoron maybe. Sure war stories make for a good read and Murpurgo is such a good writer and this is a book he has compiled from many sources. Don't get me wrong, this ANZAC day I thanked those young men that died to give me my freedom, I made my ANZAC biscuits from my Grandmothers recipe, I stood in respect at the War Memorial, but oh what lives were lost, so I can be free to explore my world. Thankful- yes, respectful- yes, but do I want my sons to go through that terror- never!

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