Thursday, May 10, 2012

Nation Dates

By: Wendy McGuinness & Miriam White
Location: NF 993 MCG
Genre: History

What happened in the year I was born?  Oh this is a goody- The National Library of NZ was formed and Air New Zealand was as well. So how old am I? You need to get this book out to find out. What happened in the year of birth for our Year 13's? New Zealand passed the Human Rights Bill. In 1997 our Year 9s year of birth - Jenny Shipley became the first woman Prime Minister of New Zealand- and for what it is worth - she was my primary school teacher! And for our French followers- in the year of my daughters birth- A J Hackett bungee jumped off the Eiffel tower.
This is ones of those fun books you lose time in as you skim the pages of New Zealand History!

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