Monday, May 14, 2012

Someone else's garden

By: Dipika Rai
Location: Fic Rai
Genre: Cultural Drama

I confess- any novel about India that comes across my desk is automatically bought. Maybe it is because I have visited this colourful, chaotic, confusing yet simplistic land and I am enchanted by it. Maybe it is because as you drive around- it is like being on a movie set- just because you are there. Or maybe it is because there is a novel hiding in nearly everyone you me.
In this story Mamte is born into a low caste family, and she is female in rural India set against a backdrop of poverty and prejudice. She is destined to be a man's property, arranged for  her by her father. Eventually Mamta escapes this destiny, but it is at a terrible cost.
Maybe I will met her in July when I go over- if not her, another girl with a story like hers- waiting to be told.

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