Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Someone else's life

By: Katie Dale
Location: FIC DAL
Genre: Drama
 One secret can change everything...
They say if you like Jodi Picoult you will also be a fan of this book- that is a high recommendation and since I can never keep any our Jodi Picoult in the library it is good to have a few more authors like her in stock.  Also this book is about a girl whose Mum dies of Huntington's disease- and most people who have read it have really appreciated the insights it gives into how this disease impacts your life. Huntington's is hereditary, so if Mum had it, will Rosie as well? But what if Rose discovers that her Mum is not really her Mum- and perhaps there are other "past lies" that Rosie has to contend with as she deals with her Mums? death.

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