Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The marrowbone marble compnay

By: Glenn Taylor
Location:  FIC TAY
Genre: Civil Rights Novel

If you read my previous post, then this book is the next step. American Civil Rights. Our Ghanaian friends have settled forcibly in the USA, legally free, yet still in an land that orphans them, they are |African Americans, it is just that the America bit does not work for them.
Set post WWII it is about a orphan called Loyal Ledford who serves in the war and when he comes home to Huntingdon, West Virginia, he starts a family with his pre-war girlfriend. He is a lost man- war does that to you. But he finds his calling at the Marrowbone Marble Company- the home of the civil rights movement. Here black and white live in harmony- while racial tensions bristle all around them and crack like electrical storms.
This story is about love, faith and family, it is about people dreaming that all men are created equal, a powerful novel of love and war, righteousness and redemption, and the triumph of the human spirit.

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