Monday, May 28, 2012

Frostbite Graphic Novel

By: Richelle  Mead
Location: GRA MEA
Genre: Vampires

So this is the graphic image of the novel, I always wonder if it is a good idea to portray books in another form. Is Narnia like you read it was, will The Hobbit  movie portray what is in your head? Yet sometimes it is great to read a story with pictures and not just words, it stimulates other ways of receiving a story. I guess that is why I am wanting to add to the Graphic Novel collection here in our library. Whether it is blood sucking vampires- where love and jealousy collide on the ski slopes like this Graphic Novel, or the life story of Nelson Mandela, or Macbeth, or Artemis Fowl and of course the ever popular Simpson's- Doh how could I forget them. We will have them for you to read- so your grasp of the world, literature and art is stimulated in other ways and different forms.

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