Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Four Seasons

By: Laurel Corona
Location: Fic Cor
Genre: Historical Novel

I bought this novel along with some others to enhance our "Arts" display this term.  This novel has it all, love, ambition, music. It is set in Venice, in a world famous music academy, and it is about the story of a priest and composer Vivaldi.  Two orphaned sisters are the centre piece,- one who marries into Venice wealth and the other who becomes a violin virtuoso. With music and love and two young sisters coming of age in 18th century Venice- the city, its beauty and passions all blend in intoxicating ways.
Venice is truly the star of this book and if you have been there like I have, as you read the story you are back listening, looking, smelling and feeling. If you have not been to Venice- this book will take you there and make you show up in person one day!
As you read it- why dont you put the CD of Four Seasons by Vivaldi on in the backround- just to make it al feel real!

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