Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Industry

By: Rose Foster
Location: FIC FOS
Genre: Action

If you want a cool cover- then this book has it- check out the face , it is coded! This is the start of a hot new series, get in first, you never know- it might turn into the next Hunger Games

Kirra Hayward is an ordinary sixteen year old - smarter than most, but otherwise completely anonymous. When she solves an unusual decrypting puzzle on the Internet to fill in a moment of boredom at school, she has no idea of what she's letting herself in for.

Kidnapped by a shadowy organisation of mercenaries known only as The Industry, Kirra soon discovers how valuable her code-breaking skills are. And when she stubbornly refuses to help them, they decide to break her ... by any means at their disposal.

Compulsive and page-turning, The Industry is the first in a trilogy from talented debut author Rose Foster.

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