Tuesday, May 15, 2012


By: Andy Briggs
Location: FIC BRI
Genre: Sci Fi

What if there was a web site where you could download your very own super power. Mrs Kirkbride would order the answer to "I don't know"- she would like to be all knowing.  I would chose to be able to foretell the future- that way if I knew bad things were going to happen to people- I could change the circumstances and help them avoid evil. Mind you flight would be good- much fun, but teleporting would be easier- no turbulence!  This series of books called HERO.COM is about a bunch of kids that discover such a website, down load there superpowers and fight the evil that prevails- the only problem is there is also Villain.net. It will be no simple task to outwit, outpace and outplot the evil masterminds- even with your very own superpower.

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