Thursday, May 17, 2012

If the world were a village

By: David J Smith and Shelagh Armstrong
Location: NF 304.2 SMI
Genre: World Information

 Imagine 100 people who live in a village - 9 would speak English, 25 have televisions and 13 cannot read. Maybe that is why I want so badly to send books to Ghana- to change stats like that. No books- no reading. But in our village of 100 there is plenty of food for everyone- enough to feed all easily- BUT only 34 people have enough to eat, 50 people are hungry some or part of the time because food is unreliable and 16 of our village are severely undernourished. Maybe I need to remember that as I tuck into my dinner, with the heater on, in my weatherproof house watching TV tonight- actually I will be in the cold playing hockey, but you get my drift.
76 people in my village will cook over a fire- they have no electricity, but 24 of us do so we will be OK.
Why cant we share what we have!!!!! When I go to Africa and India and see these stats I get frustrated we have so much, and share so little! This book might just stir your soul- it should!!

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