Thursday, May 31, 2012

Danny the champion of the world

By: Roald Dahl
Location: FIC DAH
Genre: Well it has to be just Dahl!!

I know- this book is not new, but how can any library not have Danny the Champion of the World. In my view- it is Roald Dahls best story. When I was a kid at school our teacher read it to us, I remember our class begging him to keep reading, read more- and he did! A cold winters day in a rural school in Canterbury with a class load of kids huddled around the fire- listening all day to Danny, the pheasants, the pellets in the butt, revenge and the plotting- oh the plotting!!
I reckon a stack of our students will see this new copy on the libray shelf and WANT to re-read the best story they ever listened to when they were snuggled up by the fire as a kid!

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