Thursday, August 16, 2012

30,000 years of inventions

By: Thomas J Craughwell
Location: NF 609 CRA
Genre: Coffee book!!

This book is annoying, it made me, yes made me, look through it. I wasted nearly an hour of my day captured by this book. It stole me. Who invented the rubber band? What about the design of the square bottomed paper bag - now who thought of that? What is the story behind the pop up toaster...? In the last 60 years 200 million Frisbees have been  who invented the Frisbee and why- see you want to find this out. Then there is Velcro and the history of post it notes....
Yes this book is consuming, fascinating and a total time waster- but I dare anyone who reads this to not do well in there next quiz night! Also you will not find it at 609 CRA- it will be lying around the library somewhere, anywhere especially after Yr 13 study!

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