Thursday, August 30, 2012

Article 5

By: Kristen Simmons
Location: FIC SIM
Genre: Dystopia

The world is run by a " Federal Bureau of Reformation"  and it has strict statues of compliance about how people should live morally, these are almost a mix of the Chinese Cultural Revolution and Biblical law based around family culture. I wonder, dare I, that if in our ruleless world of anything goes, in our permissive free living state, that one day we might crave the guidelines that recaptures for our society a lifestyle that embraces traditional family, not for some reason of imposed purity, but rather we simply want to return to what family is, the security it gives and the safety of the boundaries it gives the kids we bring into it.
This book is about imposed legalised sets of draconian rules, maybe they have been imposed because for generations the free loving world has contaminated itself, but imposition of rules never works, morality is not a law, it is a belief. In this story the Moral Militia impose strict "Articles" and Ember Miller the 17 year old protagonist now lives in constant fear, but then her single mother is arrested for breaching "Article 5" of the moral statutes. Ember must find her mother and the last thing Ember cares about is compliance. Sometimes grace matters more than law.

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