Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I love Chocloate

By: Davide Cali
Illustrated: Evelyn Daviddi
Location: PIC CAL

I love chocolate, I think my favourite at the moment is called "Ghana peppermint". The chocolate is dark and the filling is gooey, sweet peppermint- oh so yum. When I was in Ghana I saw a cocoa pod, they are huge and then there is the sweet sticky seed pod- that is yummy, and then you crack that open and inside is little purple seeds- cocoa. In a chocolate crazed state I threw these into my mouth, onlookers surprised, I tasted..bitterness and hurriedly spat the contents of my mouth onto the African red dust. The raw material of chocolate is not nice- what it needs is cream!!!
This picture book delights in chocolate, it celebrates its yummyness and it makes permissible what dietitians mock. WOW betide anyone that tells me now I can't eat lots of chocolate, I will quote this books to them " I like chocolate because it makes bad times better"  "I like chocolate because it makes my mouth happy".. what more do I need- now where is that big bar gone?

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