Thursday, August 23, 2012

First darling of the morning

By: Thrity Umrigar
Location: 920 UMR
Genre: Autobiography

I cant help myself, whenever I see a bio or autobiography of India, I melt and buy.  This book gives "Selected Memories of an Indian Childhood" and it highlights the conflict of heart between growing up in a previledged caste when you know and see comprehensive poverty at every corner. In a weird way I understand this, visiting countries and people you know and how they survive on so little with appreciation of the less they get, compared to myself and the negitivity I can have with the most I own. It is easy to be either halted by guilt, or motivated by it, but neither works. Creating change because of a guilt conscience is building on a false foundation- you do it for yourself and not for others.
This story looks at these issues from within, a family, a culture a nation, it looks at them from a girl growing into a woman and how India shaped her and her world view.
Umriga is the author of the novel " The space between us"- now she tells her own story , it is perceptive, piercing and powerful.

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