Friday, August 3, 2012

On two feet and wings

By: Abbas Kazerooni
Genre: War and Refugees
Location: NF 920 KAZ

If you liked the book  like I did called " In the sea there are crocodiles" you will love this story. This story has been catagorised as a nonfiction, where In the sea there are crocodiles was a true story that was retold and determined to be fiction because recall is a funny thing and can a child's retold story be factualised.  I am so pleased that Abbas story has been recognised for what it is- a true memory of running from horror, that a child has entrenched and recalled.

'On Two Feet and Wings' is the amazing story of a boy fleeing Tehran on his own during the Iran-Iraq War. It provides a powerful child's-eye view of political tumult, separation, survival, dreams and triumphs and is a moving memoir that chronicles extraordinary times. Based on a true story.

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