Monday, August 6, 2012

The very hungry bear

By: Nick Bland
Location: PIC BLA
Genre: Cute Picture book

OK so I am a sucker for picture books. They are so smugly and snugly and make you smile and bring back the memories of flannelet pajama's and blankies and fires. Picture books introduce you to language, rhyme and silliness. They make you giggle and cry, they connect somehow. No-one is too old for picture books- that is why Grandparents read them to there grandchildren...its an excuse.
So the Very Hungry Bear is one of these great stories, because the Very Cranky Bear is back, and just like my son, when he gets hungry- he gets grumpy. Then he discovers who is stealing his food- a polar bear, so do they become friends or does cranky bear eat the polar bear!!! Well at the moment I am reading this to anyone who steps into my office- so come on in- and I will read it to you, but no blankies I'm afraid.

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